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Full Version: 15C 0,00 ?
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My 15C displays 0,00 How do I get back to my cherished 0.00 ?

Buy an other one. <VBG>


Turn the calculator off; then press and hold ON, press and release [.], then release ON.

This question sure does come up a lot. Maybe we should have a link to a dot-or-comma FAQ on the main forum page. :-)

UPDATE: Oops, that should have been: turn the calculator off; then press and hold [.], press and release ON, then release [.].

Apologies for the mix-up!

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Mike- Thanks for nothin'
Thomas- Thanks for the response, but that did not seem to work. Any other suggestions ?

Thomas was close - try:

With the calculator off, press and hold ON, press and hold ".", release ON, THEN release "." This is from the manual, and it just worked for me. This toggles between "." and that funky ",".

Another typical humorous response to this question is, "Your 15C is broken, but I'll be glad to buy it from you for a couple bucks!"

AWESOME! Thank you DougT!

I find it easier to remember the following:

With the calculator off, just press and hold the [.] while turning the calculator on.

There is no need (at least on mine) for the more complicated sequence described by the manual.

Cheers, Tom