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Full Version: HP 16C serial number
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Hi all. I plan to buy an hp 16C. Is there any special consideration to know about this model ? I think especialy about serial number of these machine because many buyers ask always about serial number, and I don't understand why... ?

Thanks in advance.

Denis --

I assume that you've gone through the material on this website regarding the 16C. You probably shouldn't be concerneed too much about serial #, since all 16C's were made in the USA to high quality specifications. There are no significant variances in functionality or apprearance of the 16C through 1982-89, although there were some internal design changes (as documented on the site).

Prices seem to be down lately. Do try to get a nice-looking one with manual, because the manuals are hard to get and expensive (US$30 for staple-bound; more for spiral-bound).

The 16C is a special-purpose scientific calculator that lacks most standard mathematical functions (it has only arithmetic, sqrt, and 1/x). It's also a little slow to enter integers. But, it is uniquely capable for computer science tasks.

-- KS

...many buyers ask always about serial number, and I don't understand why...
Buyers ask about the serial number because it tells you where and when the calculator was made. As Karl S. noted, with this particular model there are no worries about quality differences based on where it was made. For some models, this is an issue, and it is always nice to know how old the unit is.

Thanks all for the reponse!!