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Full Version: hp49g+ problem with lim function
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I can't get the lim function to work on 49g+. I type exactly as stated on page 13-2 of the cd-rom manual (using ALG mode).
Appears OK on screen but when I hit ENTER, get message

lim Error:Bad Argument Type

Help appreciated.
Thanks, Chris.


right side: X=a+0

left side: X=a-0

Check VERSION 1.23


Thank you Veli-Pekka. However that is what I tried and doesn't work. Will try to contact hp, or find a friend with same calculator to see if OK for them.

Off the top of my head, maybe you assigned a value to "X" so it's not a variable anymore?

Got it working !. Tried RPN mode and it worked. Then went back to ALG and it still worked. Very strange but all OK now.

Thanks to eveyrone who had a look at this.