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Full Version: Still Keyboard problem with HP49G+?
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I have bought a HP49G+ which have a problem with the keyboard (sometimes it dosn't record an input). I can see that several user have the same problem. How have HP solved that? (by exchange or repair?) Where is the old HP quality (ex HP32SII and early models)that maded the HP calculator to state of the art?


Hi Peter. What is the date code associated with the serial number on your 49G+? Mine has 428 and I don't have keypad problems. Also, I've got the clock turned off on the display.

Good luck and happy computing!


I have experienced the same problem with the 49g+. John is right, turn off the FLAG that displays the clock.

Also, I found that when there are more than 3 objects on the stack, I still get missed keystrokes. So, if you must use the machine, consider clearing the stack often ( or write a routine to do it auto?)

Anyway, it does not appear to be a mechanical issue.

I have called hp calc tech sppt (1800hpinvent) and after some verbal diagnostics, I was told that a replacement would be shipped out. I'm currently waiting for it.

However, since I'm taking the FE exam this October, I will probably continue using only the 33s to get fluent on it.

Good luck,

Hi Erik.

After I posted my mail yesterday I went to HP Homepage. There was an article about the problem. The solution should be to change the keystroke time. Have you tried that?. There was also and software upgrade. Tomorrow at work I will tried both solutions.