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Full Version: Check your batteries!
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A word to the wise (or at least, the paranoid!):

I got a low-battery indicator on my '48GX earlier this week. I finally got around to replacing the batteries a few moments ago, and discovered that one of the AAA cells had leaked - fortunately, just a little bit, but there was definite corrosion build-up on the cell and on the battery holder. These were relatively new (put in the calculator last October), name brand (Sanyo/GE) batteries. So, you don't have to let your calculator lie around in a drawer for years in order to have battery corrosion problems. This calculator has never been wet, either. (At least as long as I have had it - and I bought it new less than three years ago.)

By the way, how long should a set of batteries (3 AAA alkaline cells) last in a 48GX that is used less than an hour a day, with no peripherals or any additional memory cards?

Has anybody ever tried sending a vintage calculator with corroded batteries (and corroded calculator) back to a battery manufacturer? Somebody (Everyready?) used to advertise on their packages that if you ever had a product damaged by their batteries you could send it to them for repair or replacement. It's hard to believe that they might now send you a replacement 15C for example!!

If the item damaged by their batteries is not easy for them to get repaired, they will just send you a check and keep the item. Then you get to try to find a new 48GX or 15C!