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Full Version: OT: any opinions on Casio FC-100V ?
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I'm searching for a financial calculator for Financial Math and Actuarial (sp?) Math undergrad classes.

Is this new Casio financial calculator worthwhile? Anyone's been using it? It compares favourably with HP12C/P and TI BAII? I haven't found a link to download its manual...

Best regards

Iuri Wickert

I'd like to get the 100V and 200V.

If anyone knows where they are available, please let me know.

Gene Wright

Hi Gene

It's available in Brazil:


Compare the prices... The Aurora can be found at R$190,00. On the "street market" the HP12CP costs about R$300,00; I'll check the Casio price on the street... The TI BAII shown is the old one (the pictures is correct, that's why I'm afraid to buy it). US$1,00 = R$2,60

Perhaps I'll check the australia location that seems to have them. Wonder what shipping would be? :-)

You can get the FC100v in the UK at Classic Calculators
They also sell the Aurora FN1000

The 100V is available in France. If you want a new, unopened one, I can purchase it andsend it your way, at cost (with receipt and including shipping). No idea about the dealer's price.


Just a joke. = )

Actually, I started as a TI user (I still have my TI55II from 1982), but then I saw the light and got me a HP11C, the most practical calculator ever made.

But I DO really hate Casios!!!!!

@Iuri: the HP12C is a very nice machine; get yourself one. I used mine very successfully to solve some linear programming and decision theory problems.

I bought a Casio FC-100V at my local Uni in Queensland Australia for AUD$80. Pity the instructions seem to be lacking.