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Full Version: 48gx = 48g +96k ? = 48g+ +32k?
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I've been trying to adjust to the constant missed key presses so that I can reap the speed of this 49g+...but alas, I feel that the 33s or 48g may have to work till I graduate.

I have this question- Aside from the expansion port, is this how the 48 series breaks down:?

hp48g 32k
hp48g+ 96k
hp48gx 128k

Are all the same processor (more to the point, same speed)?

Can one program the 48 series on a laptop and then port via IR?


Correct me if I am wrong but I believe the break down is this.
The S models have a 2mhz CPU and the G models have a 4mhz CPU. X models are expandable. The S models and the 48G have 32K ram and the 48G+ and 48GX have 128K. I remember reading something about a limitation in the hardware so that the 4mhz models don't run twice as fast as the 2mhz models like you might expect. Perhaps someone else can explain the specifics. Hope this helps.

You can certainly write the programs in a text editor on a laptop,
but transferring them via IR is pretty iffy. The 48 series uses
"Serial IR", not IrDA. See
for details of the 48 series communications.

The 48 series is RS-232 compatible, so if your laptop has a COM
port, then that's the way to go.