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Full Version: AC Adapter for HP 9114B Disk Drive
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I own a HP 9114B disk drive without a AC adapter.
Which one is used for this device? Will the HP 82066B (the one used on other HP-IL devices) work with this unit?



Hi there,

Yes, this is the rigth one (for Europe 220v. mains!!)



Yes, Diego is right about the HP82066B.
I tested in read mode a direct power supply w/o battery : 6V-2A.
OK but not for NEWM a disk or storing data/programs on it.


Edited: 20 Feb 2005, 5:17 p.m.

So what does that mean? Is the AV adaptor to weak for the drive or is the battery required to work properly?


Hi again,

The (so-called) adapter/charger, is nothing but a simple transformer (8v 3VA nominal secondary specs.)

So you *MUST* have the "Rechargable battery pack" (88014A or B) fully charged to operate the drive.

The 9114 takes its supply from the battery. Transformer (82066B) just re-charge the battery while the drive is not spinning.

Hope this helps.