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Full Version: HP49+ SD slot - please someone put me out of my misery
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Does the SD slot on the 49+ come with a "spacer" or dummy insert?

I can't work out whether I've lost mine or I never had one in the first place! I've spent hours looking for something that might never have existed. :)


Hi, Steve;

I don't recall having such "protective" dummy inseted in the SD slot in my 49G+. If I remember it correctly, I simply inserted the RAM SD card without having to remove anything from my HP49G+' SD slot.

Now that you mentioned, I looked at the SD card small plastic pack and there's nothing there. I usualy save such spacers in the same package that the applicable modules come inside.

Hope this helps.

Luiz (Brazil)


There is no dummy insert. So relax and enjoy the calculator. Your calculator is not missing any part.



Although if you don't have an SD card inserted in the slot I would consider something missing. It is kind of sily to have the capability and not have anything in there. If ytou don't have one, ask around. I bet someone who has bought a digital camera recently got a 16mb card they'd be happy to give you.



Hi Tim. Is there a recommended or optimum SD card size for the 49G+? Is there a size limit?



The size limit is thoeretically 2 GB. I would either find a 16 Mb one from someone, or buy the cheapest you can find unless you plan on sharing it with a camera. I wouldn't reccomend this however as I've had the camera sometimes mess up my card for the calculator and it needed to be reformatted.


Thanks Tim. Do you know if the SD cards reduce battery life significantly?


On occasional use of the SD card, battery life remains normal.

Hi, John;

I second Eddie's commnets, I'd just add that based on the fact that technology used on SD RAM cards allows data to be retainned without extra battery source, i.e., even when the card is not in the calculator, the additional power consumption is observed only when read/write operations are performed. So, the more often you access the cards contents, the more power you spend on it. My HP49G+ uses a 256MB proX, High-Speed SD card by SimpleTech. The manufacturer claims that, because it is faster (up to 10MBps write speed), it maximizes battery life.

My 2ยข.

Luiz (Brazil)

Thanks Tim, Eddie and Luiz for your feedback. I'm going to shop around for SD cards.


the ones that came with camera are 8 -32 mb in size, these are just right for use in hp 49g+ (you wont use a 32 mb or smaller card for your camera anyway) .

LH Chan said --

(you wont use a 32 mb or smaller card for your camera anyway).

Aw geez, now you tell us! :-)

I just bought my first digital camera yesterday, and a $9.99 32-MB SD card for it. The card holds 26 pictures on a 3 Mpix camera, and one doesn't absolutely need to make use of it (unlike film).

Gosh, the thing's complicated. 3 CD's of suppport software and introductory demo and a fairly-thick manual.

-- KS