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Full Version: HP15C Advanced Functions Handbook
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I found a pdf of HP15C Manual on the Web. Can anybody tell me, where can I found an Advanced Functions Handbook on the Internet or somewhere?

Thanks for your answer!


Hi, Tizedes;

you can find the HP15C ADV FCN Handbook in PDF format at the MoHPC CD-ROM set as well. It has lots of extra information. I have the earlier 5-CD pack and I'll upgrade for the new 7-CD or the single DVD ASAP. You'll have many other good stuff, like the HP34C additional literature, the HP11C extra manual as well (a must!), and many others.

I recommend!


Luiz (Brazil)


I agree with you. The MoHPC CDs and DVDs contains a wonderful set of references and calculator documentations. I often use these files to look up formulae, test case, and so on. I highly recommend the museum CDs.


Tizedes --

Yes, the MoHPC CD/DVD is the best source for scanned HP claculator diocuments. If you want a paper copy of the manual, be prepared to pay up to US$100 on eBay or to Web-based retailers.

-- KS