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Full Version: HP-11C floating display format
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I have a HP-11C, and it is cuurently set with a fixed number of decimal places format.

How do I unfix the display format so that it displays the number of decimal places as required?

I tried FIX . which works on some other models, but not it seems on the 11C.


Hi, Craig;

when you use either [FIX], [ENG] or [SCI] in the HP10C, 11C, 15C and most of the HP calculators, you should specify how many digits you wish to be shown after keying [f][FIX], [f][ENG] or [f][SCI]. For instance, if you want a fixed 5 decimal places, press:

[f][FIX] 5
It works the same for [ENG] and [SCI]. (both the HP12C and 16C have a different scheme)

Hope this helps.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 16 Feb 2005, 9:09 p.m.


If I understand what you are seeking, you would like the calculator to display 3/2 as 1.5, but 5/4 as 1.25, and 2/3 as 0.666666666... This is called "standard" display on the HP-48G, and "normal" display on a TI-83. As far as I know, the 11C or 15C will not do this. With [f]FIX followed by a number, you can set the number of decimal places you want to round the answer to, but this will then be used for all results until changed.

Cheers, Tom

Thanks Tom,

That is what I was looking for.

At least I now know not to continue trying to work out how to do it. ;)


Craig --

As Tom said, the Voyager-series models (e.g., 11C and 15C) do not offer an "all digits only as required" display format. This is how the original HP-35 displayed numbers, and is the "Normal" display mode for TI, Casio, and other manufacturers. The "ALL" display format was provided in the Pioneer-series HP calc's (e.g., 20S, 32SII) for 1988.

HP provided "FIX" and "SCI" with the HP-45, successor to the HP-35. It makes more sense for the user to limit the number of digits displayed in routine practice, so as not to clutter the viewed results with insignificant low-order digits. The automatic change of format also gives confirmation that the input number was accepted. Fewer displayed digits saved battery power on the LED-display models, too.

-- KS

You do know that pressing f clear prefix shows all digits for a while (independent on the chosen format), don't you? It's nothing like the ALL format, but it may suit your needs.