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Full Version: 15C auction
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This eBay auction has a 15C, manual and a case for the 48 series calculators. In the auction text they describe it as "Matching nylon Hewlett Packard zippered case". I'm just wondering how clueless you would need to be to think a case for a 48 is a match to a 15C. Just thought it was funny and had to share.

Chris W

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I read the auction and I found this:

The owner's manual is stamped Aug. 27th, 1982 and has a serial number which, surprise, matches the serial number on the calculator itself.
I don't recall seeing any serial number in any of the manuals I have... Instead, the order number. Can anyone help me undrstanding this?


Luiz (Brazil)

Just guessing: handwritten?


I guess you're right... and that would explain the "surprise", don't you agree? ;-)

Edited: 17 Feb 2005, 5:40 a.m.