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Full Version: hp 12c's painted keys
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Is there any wayto tell by serial number or possibly country which 12 c's did not have any painted over keys?

Thank You
GS Leong

  1. All made in USA units had molded, not painted keys.
  2. Early Singapore units had molded keys, up to about 1995 or 1996, don't know for certain before switching to painted keys.
  3. Some Brazilian models were molded keys, some painted.
  4. All Maylasian and Chinese units are painted keys.
Hope that helps.

Actually Randy I have molded keys that have been painted over. Can you Advise.

Please Advise.

GS Leong

You should take a look at


under 10C Series Versions


Now that I think I better understand your question, no, there is no way to tell from serial numbers or country of origin.

Edited: 10 Feb 2005, 8:18 p.m.

I've seen two USA made HP 12C with the painted over keys. The original keys appeared to be from an HP 11C or 15C. The serial numbers indicated that they where from the 1st quater of 1988. I also own a 1989 made HP 12C and it has the propper molded keys, also my 1994 Singapore made version has the molded keys.

My 12c is an 1988 model from the 33 week USA made.