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Full Version: HP 10C problems
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Yesterday I got my HP 10C and could see it was any more turning on. Well, last time (2~3 weeks ago) it was working fine, so I replaced the batteries. Nothing.
I oppened the case and was pleasured to see a two parts calculator (I think very old one) and noted the flex cable at right of display. There was some oxidation. I cleaned it carefully and tryed turn it on again. It turned on but with unrecognizable information in display.
Now, it does not work at all ... very bad.

I'm wondering to replace the small condutive zebra rubber for thin wires soldered over the flexible circuit (I'm very afraid to burn it) link the keyboard to the LCD board.

Well, first I would like to see if the circuit, taked apart and powered by a regulated 4.5 VDC suplly is still working.

Does anybody know what happen when we press the ON key? Are we grounding some pin of contacts or putting a positive pulse?

I would appreciate any help!