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Full Version: HP48G+ screen flickers
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The screen flickers a whole lot. When it powers up sometimes it comes on really dark them settles down to normal after a second. Is something wrong? I normally turn down the contrast and it otherwise works fine.

Hi, Larry;

I own two HP48G+ and one HP48SX. The newer HP48G+ (btw, the HP49G+ too) shows the same flickering you mention. Sometimes a set of vertical bars (Never horizontal bars), sometimes a full black screen, all in a flash. It seems to me that the newer LCD are more efficient, low-power devices. If you consider them as a bunch of small, tiny capacitors (one for each pixel), everytime you turn the calculator ON these capacitors re briefly charged. As they are more sensitive, as a consequence of the supposed better efficiency, they'll flicker easily than the earlier ones. That's why I actaully don't care too much for the flickering...

Just a guess, based on possible facts.


Luiz (Brazil)