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Full Version: How to connect a plotter HP9862A with HP9815?
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I have a plotter HP9862A and a calculator HP9815. Unfortunately I don't have any cables to connect them, only the BCD I/O module for the calculator.

The manual for the plotter is on the museums CD, but does not give any hints, maybe because it was written in the time of the HP9810, the precursor of the 9815.

Who knows what kind of interface the plotter does have?



Perhaps this helps a little bit:

HP9815 with HP9862 plotter I/F query

Regards, Juergen

Thanks for the hint. Now I have only to find a 98132A cable. Looks like an easy task. ;-)

A posting in the classified area looking for the cable resulted after a short time in the following email:


I'm smith,i got your advertised HP98132A plotter cable (WTB) and just wondering if it is still for sale,kindly get back to me if you areb still selling it.Terms of payment is with a certified check or money order,do not worry about the shipping aspect i will get intouch with a shipping company to handle that as soon as the deal is sealed ok.


Very strange indeed.


Hello Thomas,

I sold my 9815A with a 7225A Plotter some days ago, and the plotter had an interface labeled with "98132A, 9862A Plotter". The Plotter itself had a 17600A Interface in it. Don't know if You need the 17600A for the 9862 Plotter, but You need the 98132A. It was a complete system, and there was no extra ROM, so I assume it will work without one. But I think there was a tape for the plotter.