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Full Version: HP48 diagram/tree for function location
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Pardon me,

I have a 48SX and somehow I can't find the manual as I have moved several times since the purchase of the calculator (1992). I have tried to search on the internet about a brief description of all the functions of the calculator as well as some sort of tree or diagram of all the functions and how to locate the specific funtions via menu/dir and sub-dir.

For Example: If I needed to put units to a number I would have to press left/gold arrow, then press units and choose the type of units I want from the top menu.

Does any one know of such diagram or document? Respectfully, Angel

www.hpcalc.org is likely to have it;-)

There are zillions of HP-48 related documents,

amongst them the user manuals, and MUCH more.


The only related information I found was the purchase of an e-manual. <sight> Oh well. Thank you anyway.



please drop me a reminder mail,

and I'll take a look into my archives.

If I find the manuals I'll send you a link where

you could download the 48SX owner manuals.

The address is

M a g i c 4 8 g e s @ g m x . d e

Remove the obvious spaces to get the valid address...