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Full Version: "V41" for Mac?
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Would anybody know about a Macintosh port of "V41",
Warren Furlow's superb HP-41 emulator for Windows

Eric Smith's "NSIM" for X window (Unix)
is very nice, as well as Maciej Bartosiak's port
to Mac OS X, but they are less complete than "V41".

Indeed, "V41" provides the full set of ROMs and packages which were
developed for the HP-41 C/V/X, including the Time Module, Extended
Functions, and the great PPC ROM. It also provides a realistic sound
emulation and an impressive "Turbo" mode. The key mapping is also
very clever, and it works even on foreign laptop keyboards :-).

Maybe someone could teach "NSIM" how to read the ".MOD" files, or
find a straightforward way to translate "V41" to Unix or Mac OS?
[If, luckily, there exists a volunteer, I would suggest to build
a "Carbon" application, so that old OS 9 Macs can also use it.]

Looking forward to receiving hints or answers; all the best,
Gilles Esposito-Farese

It is very easy to add support for more rom modules to NSIM, as the emulator itself can handle almost everything -- it's just a matter of user interface. I'm downoading the V41 source right now to see what can be done...