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Full Version: Remove lint from HP-41 display
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Any idea how to remove lint from an HP-41 display without major disassembly of the device? It is of course captured between the LCD and the screen.

Any advice is welcome.


Edited: 1 Feb 2005, 2:59 p.m.

Using a flexible tube, direct a blast of canned air into the two openings where the center trim band ends near the fours port covers. Direct the blast up and toward the LCD. Be careful not to turn the can upside down or you'll freeze your unit with the liquid rather than gas. That's the best you can do without opening the unit.

Later half-nuts can be *very* stubborn to clean.

For very stubborn dirt that won't budge with canned air, use a thin strip of paper/cardboard (like a strip of an index card). Slip it into the small space between the LCD and the case (can be tricky) and use it to brush off the dirt. You may need to bend the strip so that it's end toches the display window.


It works. Can't believe it. Thanks for the advice! Now I am looking for more stuff to clean ;-)