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Full Version: HP-65 Standard Packs
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I have several HP-65 Standard Packs and I noticed something. Two of these are 1A to 19A. The third pack is 1 to 19 but has a mixture of A and B cards with different programs.

How many different Standard Packs are there for the 65?

Should a pack be all A or all B?

Is a mixture of A and B normal?


Hi Mike,

I checked mine and they were all "A".
Hope this helps.



My understanding is that 'A', 'B', etc. are revision numbers. And yes, in my experience it is normal for the same pack to contain 'A', 'B', etc. cards, because some programs were apparently revised more often during the life cycle of the pac than others.


But in my case STD-01A is completely different set of programs than my STD-01B, for instance. It is not a case of just an updated program.

Hmmm, how different are they? I just checked and all I have in my HP-65 Standard Pac are 'A' series cards so I cannot tell. I do have other revision labels on some of my HP-67 cards.


This issue was brought up a few months back about the std. pak HP-65 cards. There were two different programs for card #1. One set was calander functions, and the other set was personal finance (or something like that). For some reason, HP changed from one to the other. From my experience with both HP-65 and HP-67 cards, the initial card has a A after the number, like 01A. When the card is updated or changed, it will get a B. If updated again, it will get a C and so on. A lot of the HP-65/67/97 paks had addendums to the program cards due to some problem. You could then send your card into HP and have it replaced for the updated card. These changes were also incorporated into the later issure program paks. Check and see if your cards revisions match the manual revisions.