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Full Version: Repairing plastic
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Hi, can someone provide a brand name for a "liquid plastic" suitable for reparing broken posts and similar in calculator housings, i.e. for adding material, not merely gluing together parts.

The material should be able to bind well to the "typical" sorts of plastic used for calculator housings and it should harden to a material having plastic like properties: strong and flexible but not that hard that it cannot be cut to shape with e.g. a knife.

If you know such a material and have good experience using it, please let the Forum know. Thanks.

I use this: http://mcm.newark.com/NewarkWebCommerce/mcm/en_US/endecaSearch/partDetail.jsp?SKU=20-1090&N=4. It's not the easiest stuff to work with but it binds extremely well and is excellent for replacing missing material.


Edited: 29 Jan 2005, 9:52 a.m.