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Full Version: HP-IL interface cases
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I have an opportunity to pick up a few new and unused authentic HP-IL interface cases such as HP used for the HP-IL/Video, HP-IL/RS232, HP-IL/GPIO, and HP-IL/IB Interfaces. I believe these cases were also used for the Mountain Computer Eprom Programmer and likely several other HP-41/71 accessories. The plastic cases are new, unused, and in the original packaging with HP labels stating the HP part number, etc. The case bottoms are labeled part number 82163-40007 and the case tops are labeled part number 82163-40008. The label on the bags have the HP logo and name plus the words "Corporate Parts Center". Does anyone out there in MoHPC forum land know what these cases may be valued at?? Many thanks in advance.

You will soon find out the real value by selling a few on eBay!

Thanks Gordon but my interest is in making the purchase not in selling. If I purchase them they will be used for a project and any collectable value will be lost. If they have collector value I don't want to destroy them as I like to see HP legacy stuff with any collectable value preserved. Hence, I would make the same suggestion as yours to the current seller -> sell them on eBAY. This aside, I do appreciate the input.

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Dear Wilson,

do the cases include terminals like HP-IL teminal or AC power supply terminal ?

May be this parts are helpfully for an advanced mass storage project, which is under development from Pavel Korensky....

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph Klug

Hello Christoph,

Thanks for responding. The cases are plastic, they have no internals and come in two halves (top & bottom), each in its own packaging. If I buy them I intend to use them to replace the housings of my ProtoEPROM's and ProtoCODER's which are beginning to come apart. I can use other (generic) cases to accomplish this which are fairly inexpensive and readily available at local electronic parts stores. I would use the generic cases if the HP cases have "collectable value". If they are collectables I'd suggest the current owner (a good friend) dispose of them on eBAY in the hope that they would wind up in the hands of someone who has a true interest in preservation of legacy HP-41 items.

Best Wishes,

Personally, I don't think those cases have any particular collector value. The only value I see is the people on this forum building special interface projects that would want to look like an HP peripheral.

Thanks Dave, I much appreciate the feedback. It's becoming obvious to me that the cases in question have little or no collector value so I'll likely get and use them to re-house my ProtoCODER's and ProtoEPROM's. They should result in pretty nice looking units, at least they will match may Mountain Computer EPROM burner.

Best Wishes & Thanks again, Wilson