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Full Version: Question on HP41CV
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I recently purchased a HP41CV Blanknut from a guy who said it had been stored away for the last 15 years.
The buttons have a nice feel to it, but I have a problem with the on/off switch.
It is not as soft as the user/ alpha or program keys.
Could I spray it with something?
Or will it have to be opened?

I have sprayed from behind the switch, through the tiny hole with a good quality circuit board cleaner with good success for this kind of problem.

Thanks John, So I would need to open the calculator or can I spray it from the outside?
Thanks again,

I opened one of my HP-41 series and I gained access behind the keyboard. All the keys are absolutely sealed (see this photo: http://utenti.tripod.it/gianmaria/hp41.JPG) and very different from the "Clasic" series keys, so in my opinion to spray anything should have no effect.

from the inside with tv tuner cleaner. carbon tet works but it can bleach out the keyboard face.


You need to open the calc, lay it face down, locate the small hole behind the "switch" if interest, and give it a squirt through the tube you get with spray pacs. It may not be immediately better, in fact it may be worse initially, but some "exercise" will make it as good if not better than before, hopefully better !!. Cheers - John