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Full Version: HP 11C
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I have misplaced my manual for my calculator. My 3 year old son managed to change the display so that it looks like

0,000 00

with GRAD function displayed. Does anyone know how to get change this so that the display is not in scientific notation - I'd like just a normal display!


1) To get rid of the GRAD annunciator (and put the calculator in degree mode for angles), press [g]DEG

2) To replace the comma with a period, turn the calculator off. Then press and hold the [.] key while turning the calculator on.

3) Congratulate your son for being so creative!

Cheers, Tom

... and switch back to fixed notation by pressing [f] FIX 2 ! Your display looks a bit scientific or engineering the way you wrote the zeros. Good luck for your son's career!

Regards, Walter

Thank you both for your help!