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Full Version: Major scam on MoHP classified ads
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Help! I put an ad for the sale of a 15C on the MoHP classified ad section, and since then, I have been mailed nothing reliable and only major scam and fraud attempts. The worst one is here below for everybody's info and awareness. I left the typos, punctuation errors, and spelling mistakes as originally received. Is there anything we can do to continue using the reliable ads of these pages??

Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2005 7:56 PM

It's my pleasure to mail you that the payment has been sent and the deal is now on ok. but there is a terrible mistake that has been made by my personal secrectry which i believe we can both settle with understanding and the knowledge of God.she was supposed to issue another
client of mine a payment of ($1,312) who the name is (HERE IS A NAME CLOSELY SIMILAR)she issued that person ($312) and yours instead of ($312) she has issued you
($1,312) (becaus of the similarity in both names) so, kindly help me out of this problem and she has sent you the payment already. When it gets to you please kindly help me to deposit it till it will clear your bank because, i
don't want this to delay our own transaction. I know you must be a GOD fearing person,i will be so glad if you can help me out of this terrible mistake made by my secretary, please do mail me back.I'm very sorry that this is happening this way I hope we can sort this out with God's knowledge may God help us. Let me read from you Ommediatelly concerning this error,
Kind regards.

Edited: 13 Jan 2005, 9:02 p.m.

Since the check is supposedly on its way, now you can refer and possibly implement the following advice I posted earlier.

Just a suggestion. I don't know if it is wise advice either. It is surely a scumbag!!!

I would love to see someone accept the check then contact the bank or firm the check is drawn on, fax them the bogus check (maybe send to them for proof of fraud). Then contact the buyer and say you haven't recieve the check, but would wait until they got their refund from their MO, bank check, whatever and could send you another after stopping in and getting their funds back. It is a check after all, they should have a reciept.

The bank or firm on which the funds are drawn will be (or should be) waiting for them to claim their $5-10 check (who knows, they may be dumb enough to get it, thinking, what the hell, the check might really be lost and they probably make a couple of trips to that bank every week anyway). It is in the banks or MO firms best interest to reduce this type of fraud and perhaps they may do it ( I know, it isn't likely).

At the very least they will have an afternoon of hassle, alas probably nothing more.

The checks are completely bogus, so they will just send another one. No bank is involved in creating these checks, more like a scanner and a laser printer ;)

Any kind of response to the scam is an invitation for more problems. I would advise you ignore it and don't make any contact.