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Full Version: Emu42 campaign and Emu4xPPC compatibility to WM 2003 SE devices
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Hallo together,

first of all I want to thank all of them who contributed the Emu42 campaign on http://www.hp42s.com/campaign/. It's now closed. A special thank to Erik Ehrling for all his work.

With the collected money I recently bought a Dell Axim X50v PDA to test Emu42PPC and Emu48PPC on a Windows Mobile 2003 SE device. The Axim X50v has a VGA (640x480) display.

The latest versions of Emu42PPC v1.01 and Emu48PPC v1.00 run without problems on this device. The OS resize the QVGA (320x240) KML scripts automatically to the VGA resolution.

Some good news to the one who have problems with the Vertical KML script for the HP28S where sometimes (most times) the 'Topbar 0' command, to switch off the top line, isn't working. This seem to be a general bug in the WM 2003 series OS. Some combinations for the state argument of the SHFullScreen() function don't work every time. At the moment I'm trying a workaround that seems to work.

The next Emu42PPC version will have native VGA display resolution support.

Best Regards,

Christoph Giesselink

excellent. i also have the same axim model.

i looked into running this last week, but i don’t have a rom image for the 42. i have a 28s which i could maybe extract the rom from. otherwise i could help out with the vga support. i run my unit in vga all the time now, i've got used to really small buttons but its worth it to get more text on screen. it annoys me when apps don’t work in vga properly.

incidentally, you can now try out my exact! calculator, which is currently still a test version. it will run fine in qvga and true vga. true vga is nice. all my buttons and features are scalable.



The VGA mode is already implemented. At the moment I'm adding additional display zoom modes.