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Full Version: Batteries for HP-75 / HP-110 / HP-9114A
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Batteries for HP-75 / HP-110 / HP-9114A
I've recently had to research (here and elsewhere) replacement batteries for all these machines. Here's a summary of what I've found, which might be especially useful for those outside the USA:
HP-75C (& Classics) HP 82001A/B: AA NiCd with Tags are available as Cat No. VN39 from http://www.maplin.co.uk

HP-110 (Portable Plus): packs are available at URL:

HP-9114A: I couldn't find a 6V 2.4Ah replacement for the Panasonic LC-R0624RPU (www.digikey.com, mentioned in this forum in March, seem to have sold all their stock). However, I found that the slightly smaller 6V 1.2Ah Cat No YJ67 from http://www.maplin.co.uk will fit neatly into the case with no or minimal soldering (it has push-on tags).
Hope this helps someone.


Check out H&R, they're a surplus electronics dealer and sell a Panasonic 2.4A 6V battery for $14.95 (they don't state the model number, but do give the dimensions). Here's the URL: http://www.herbach.com/images/battery.pdf


Thank you for the lead. (Unfortunately there is a $100 minimum order for international sales; but maybe in an emergency!)