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Full Version: HP48GX woes
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Thought I was lucky when I got a brand new 48GX to buy. I only loaded programs on it and it worked about 2 hours today before it locked up. I took out the batteries and when I replaced them, the entire screen got blue.
Any advice?

Hi, Mcmillian;

please, try the following:

turn the back face up, as if you'd do to replace the batteries;

with the battery comparment in the bottom, gently remove the upper-right rubber feet; it looses easily, so you should carefuly "rotate it" to the right side;

you should see a small hole with a small 'R' written close to it inside the rubber feet "place";

unfold a paper clip and insert the loose tip in the hole till you sense some mechanical resistance; keep it there for about two to four seconds.

This should 'R'eset the calculator (hardware) and turn it off, too. After you turn it back on, if the LCD is still totally blue, try: (calculator frontface facing up, now)

press [ON] and hold it;

while holding [ON] key down, press [-] and check if the LCD lightens up;

if it is too light now, hold [ON] key down and press [+] to darken it.

Maybe these procedures will help.

Hope you succeed.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 5 Jan 2005, 4:32 p.m.

It seems something squeezed the "+" button and it was locked.
I had to actually shift the overlay at the bottom of the button so it would free the movement of the + button.
From now on I am getting a hardcase for my prize possession. Maybe the tripod somehow squeezed it.