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Full Version: experimental pocket pc calculator
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i'm writing a new calculator for the pocket pc. its called Exact! right now i've put out an early test version, but i've got a lot of great ideas i want to do with it. if anyone would like to try it out, its over at www.voidware.com/exact

its built for arm and i haven’t tested it on anything but ppc 2003 se, although it doesn’t use .net, hurrah!

there’s an rpn mode selectable from the settings menu, but i think the button layout is currently confusing for rpn. ie two equals buttons and enter!! if anyone’s keen to try it, let me know. in the mean time, i’ll carry on trying to make the rpn mode work better and putting in the missing features.

suggestions most welcome.

Hugh, I just had a look at your Exact web page, it is a very interesting concept for the calculator, especially they way you handle number types - integers, fractions etc.

When I can get myself a new PPC I iwll try it, I am stuck with an SH3 at the moment!