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Full Version: 94 machines and what to do with them
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I've never seen the 94 (D,E,F) mentioned on this forum before so I'm not sure how many of us collect them and/or use them. However, I recently bought one (a 94F) that works fine, but of course it can't actually do much of anything because there's no software in it. (Well, the clock works great and I can turn the beeper on and off inside the resident debugger, but I'm looking for bigger thrills!)

I've read through everything that I can find on the web about it (Criag Finseth's stuff in particular) and all the zillions of manual pages on the CD ROM set, so I've got a pretty good idea of how it works and how to program it. But I don't have any of the development tools that HP sold for it. Does anyone know where I can get the HXBASIC compiler for it? Or even a simple demo program for it.