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Full Version: Emu41 versions for HP 95/100/200LX and Portable Plus
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Hello all,

The Emu41 versions for the HP 95/100/200LX and HP Portable Plus that I presented at the Allschwil meeting are now available (freeware). You can find them at:


Although I don't intend to provide special support for them, I will appreciate any comment, feedback, bug reports, or improvement ideas...


Hi Tony!

Did you see that one!?! It's a 'must have' for every serious HP calculator fan. Could you pls x-post it on HPLX-L, I still did not sign up.


BTW: Sorry for a private addressed append on this public list.

It's perfect for the palmtop indeed! x-posted yesterday. I only saw yr message here today while searching the archives.