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Full Version: Which HP98xx desktops used std non-HP CPU??
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I've seen a few items saying that a couple of HP 98XX desktops used nonproprietary CPUs - specifically, something in the 6800 series.

Anyone know if this is true?


Bill Wiese

San Jose

The HP9815A/S used a Motorola 6800 microprocessor along with a 6800-family peripheral chip (I think it was a 6820 but I can't be certain without looking), standard RAM, etc.

The other machines featured on the Museum website (9810/20/30 and 9825) all used HP proprietary CPUs.

The later 9826/9836 machines use a Motorola 68000-family microprocessor.

I hope this helps,

Alex K.
The Calculator Museum Web Page


Yes, the 9815 uses a Motorola 6800. I thought the other 40 pin chip was a 6821, but that's very similar to a 6820 anyway. The 9810/20/30 use 4 boards of mostly TTL chips with some small PROMs to make a bit-serial 16 bit processor.

The 9825, etc have an HP multi-chip module with a large heatsink on top.

Thank you Alex!

Bill Wiese

San Jose