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Full Version: How to open a 10b? I have the user manual! My 10bII dissapointment
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Nice forum!

I have a 10b and a recently purchased 10bII.

The 10b has served me well for 14 years now, but the +, - and * buttons only work when pressed very very hard.
I thought that if I could open it I could spray some contact fluid on the contacs inside -
Question: How do I open it.

I searched for 10B service manual, and I found a some posts on this forum requesting it - I have one.

I purchased the 10bII because the other developed this error. Price in Norway about 100USD. I see that it is being discontinued - is that correct. I had all sorts of trouble getting one. And yes, teh keys are not the same quality as the 10b, though I do not have a problem with them getting stuck (yet)...


I meant to say that

I HAVE A USER MANUAL (in pdf format)

Paul Brogger has written a couple of good articles regarding opening pioneers. Read this and this. This article by Randy Sloyer gives details on the keyboard schematic. Finally, you might also check out Fix That Calc.

Have not heard that the 10b2 is being discontinued. Are you sure about that?