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Full Version: HP-67 Power Adapter replacement?
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I'm preparing my old HP-67 for sale and want to have everything in tip top shape. I've found a source for a new battery pack, but haven't been able to locate a replacement adapter. My current adapter works (barely) and requires a lot of wiggling to get the broken wire to connect and power the calculator.

It appears that the break is right at the end where it plugs into the calculator, so the only way to fix it myself would be to destroy the plug so I could solder the wire back together. I was hoping to find a better solution.

Does anyone know of a source?

Thanks, Derek

If you mean a source for the connector, the only source would be another power adapter. If you mean a source for a power adapter, try eBay, or place a want ad in the MoHPC classified section.

The problem you describe is quite common, and often repairable. It should not be necessary to destroy the plug. Try slicing the top of the plug off, cut, splice and solder the wires, then glue the top back on.

Good luck!