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Full Version: Flash memory
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Does more flash memory improve speed as far as 3D graphing goes? Has anyone tried comparing the calculating time required before displaying a graph on the TI-92 plus vs TI Voyage 200 vs HP graphing calcs (I am not familiar with the various HPs , which would be the best graphing one?)
The TI-92 plus has 384K of flash mem vs the Voyage 200 having 2.5MB of flash... big difference.
Or, is flash tied in only to amt of storage, and not actual run time ?
Do the HPs graphers work better/ faster than the TIs ?
What are the differences between Cabri geometry and Geometers sketchpad ? I am familiar w sketchpad.
What would be some compelling reasons to choose an HP grapher over a TI ? I am familiar w RPN from owning an HP 12C.
Sorry, lots of questions :)
I am looking to get a great graphing calc, and trying to make an informed decision....

Thanks ,

The amount of flash memory shouldn't have an impact on graphing speed. How quickly a graph is rendered depends on processor speed, the efficiency of the code and RAM. I'm not sure if much has been done to compare speed between the 49G+ and TIs for graphing, which would probably provide a more useful answer to your question.

I would venture to guess that the 49G+ will be the fastest.

Well, on Colin Croft's 38G/39G/40G/39G+ site, he features an excellent comparison of the 39G vs. the TI83+ :


but I don't know if this is valid for the comparisons you want to make, Gary.

Hugh and Ed,
Thanks kindly for the info.