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Full Version: Oldie question...HPX V1N4 Space Shuttle Lander game
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Page 19 and 20 of the HPX Journal V1N4.

Has a space shuttle landing simulator for the HP41.


1) Steps 109 and 155 are listed as "EXP". The other steps in the listing are fairly evident, but this one I'm not sure about. Is this "e^x"? or "10^x"? or ? The program has number entry lines where the EEX key is used to enter 1E3 for example. The program has -15 in the X register prior to this step.

2) More general question, I guess. Anyone ever try this? :-)


I don't know much at all about the 41c, but isn't EXP usually natural, and ALOG usually the "antilog" of Log base 10?

True, but since the listing shows x^2 and y^x, I would have thought that the exponential function would have been e^x.

That's what I think it is, but the program listing didn't explain that abbreviation. :-)


Maybe they mean EEX... ?