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Full Version: The End of an Era
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I came across this, thought some might find it interesting.

Very interesting article that also adds some light to the 41 module enigmas of today...

I read the artical breifly and found it a bit sentimental. There was no mention of the HP49G+ which does most of what the HP48 can do, a USB interface could act as a data storage and for input of data. PDA's and PC's have now taken over the role of the HP48 in this field.

Thankfully HP hasn't decided to stop producing calculators all together, otherwise I may not be here talking about HP calculators and being proud to be an HP convert. (I own two HP 49G+s as of yesterday)

Tom; Over here the most common replacements for the 48 are the Husky and TDS platforms (the TDS looks like Husky may have made it). Now that D'zign is marketing a program for the 49 we will start seeing some of them but since Ted doesn't like to support direct instrument hook-up they will be personal devices and the companies will still buy some kind of data collector. I have played with a PDA based GPS surveying platform. It was slick.

Sentimental??? That's what I thought we all were!