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Full Version: practical joke
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I and my friends have hp 39g's and I want to pull a prank on them as muck up day is coming up very soon.

At the moment my coding knowledge goes as far as <html></html> and I know nothing about calculator coding.

What I want to do is change the F keys on the home screen to include MSN (messenger) and SELF DESTRUCT.

I also want to change the applet screen so that the all the F keys say "DEL ALL" but disable them so they don't edit their programmes in the confusion.

any help would be appreciated

thanks in advance,
William Munzer

I'm afraid the audience here is unfortunately too old to be able to help you in your project...


Don’t generalize or spread your own feelings! I’m only 97 years old …


Can you refer me to any resources that could help?

Since my ticking clock library redefines the F keys, its source code might be of some use to you.


Before you guys execute your plan, just beware that some authorities, as well as the victim(s) may not be amused by such "practical jokes".

Teachers and principals principally come to mind, but this is post 9/11 and there are policemen and lawyers and judges and wardens, too.

If I caught anyone tampering with MY HPs...

Thank you Jordi, you are too kind ;)

Maybe a little help telling me how to change the clock into text?

Your not Ed Taylor are you? lol