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Full Version: Strange CD reading problems
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All of a sudden, I can't read any burned CD's on my laptop??!! If it came from a company, they read fine, but if they are burned, no go. I've got a DVD/CD rom with no burn capabilities. In one strange case, I took a CD that I couldn't read on the laptop and took it to a friends where he could read it fine (only had data on it not music). We made a copy of this burned CD and tried it on the laptop thinking that perhaps the previous one was not finalized. Turns out that the new burn copy would read ok, and suddenly the old burned copy would read (keeping in mind they are identical). My other burned cd's won't work. Any ideas??


May be grabbed at an upper speed than your DVD speed.
If you are running under Win98, please toggle DMA* in CD/DVD properties.
Good luck. Regards from France.
*direct memory access