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Full Version: How bright is your HP33E
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I bet this one is brighter than yours. Have a look:

Do not forget you sunglasses.


How come the 33E is still alive? I thought they were rather picky about their input voltage?


It takes only 5 seconds to take a picture .............

I don't know about that 33E on ebay but I had the 9825B for a few years. As you all know the 9825B has 32 character 5x7 LED dot matrix display. The display is so bright that after a night working with it the next morning I saw everything cyan...

So that was by design. This Seller put a 9 volt battery where it was designed only for 2.4 volts. I am not so sure if this calculator will last a night.


I could not believe that! How come this poor HP33E is still alive after having 4 times its original voltage? After reading that a 9-volt battery was installed in the batteries compartment, I could figure out why was it so bright... In fact, if the LED display were eyes, their eyeballs would be popped out already... and if the IC's were brain cells, they'd be fried, too.

Poor little babe... What a loss! I guess it will never be able to work with 2.4 volts again.

What a loss...

Luiz (Brazil)

Some logic families, like the old 4000 series CMOS chips, had a very wide range on the input voltage. I would be more concerned about the display overheating and failing due to excessive current.

Perhaps the battery is used, and internal resistance is decreasing the output voltage to somewhat less than its nominal value.


I hope so (old battery), the buyer is othewise in for a tricky calculator.