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Full Version: Another eBay craziness
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IMHO this is a very questionable auction: 5727250602

because you can clearly see that the unit has a broken

or more exactly a bleeded out display.

So how could that unit be in good working order?

In the best case, the seller really doesn't have

any knowledge about the items they're selling...


It's a pretty poor photo, but I can't see any other way to explain what's in the photo other than a bleeding display. I guess you could give the benefit of the doubt and send a message stating that is what it looks like and tell them that it almost always keeps getting worse to the point where it is not usable, and see what they say.


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obviously he didn't test the calc - a bleeding display doesn't stop the calculator from working though, so it might be technically fine, but doesn't look great...


I sent an eBay mail to the seller a few days ago, but got no answer so far.

Maybe the seller doesn't care for this kind of mail, or whatever.

I consider the unit as broken.


Below is the mail I sent:


I don't know if are aware of the fact that your HP-41 has a broken display.

The unit can be considered as non-working,
since the display has 'bleeded' out.

I'd mention this in the auction description,
after checking it.