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Full Version: HP Calcs in the Media - HP-48's and the X-Prize (Space Ship One)
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fwiw ... don't know if it's been mentioned before, and/or posted:

Before/After winning the X-Prize, Discovery Channel had a special on it - in one shot of 'mission control', you can clearly see a Charlemagne type HP calc on the table top (can't make out which one it is). Kinda gave me a good feeling that they are still relied on, and a 'good-old-days' nostalgia (okay, 48's aren't that old yet, but considering they were the last of the HP days). I had it on Tivo, and should have taken a screen cap. before I deleted it - anybody got a copy or the DVD (I think they're out already).

hmm, wonder why they'd use a discontinued HP calc, and not one of the 'new' 49 series ;)

Othere than that, any other recent sightings of HP calcs in the media?

Is there a DVD of the Discovery channel program on Spaceship One. I would like more info if it is available.
Regards Richard

Go to Discovery Channel's website, click on shopping, do a search on X-Prize. ~$29 for box set of DVD.