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Full Version: Finally, I have HP-15C
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Today is a great day. Finally, I am a proud owner of HP-15C.
I immediately put the Casio in the drawer and HP-15C has a nice place on my desk in the office (just beside my pipes).

Just have fun with the unit:-)


I do just the opposite. I leave the cheap calculator out on the desktop most of the time for the simple stuff.

The HP15C only comes out when I need it, and the rest of the time it stays locked inside the desk.

Unfortunately, things sometimes get "borrowed" or lost at my workplace.

Congrauations Paul - it's a great calculator. You'll have a lot of fun with it.

OJM wrote: "The HP15C only comes out when I need it, and the rest of the time it stays locked inside the desk."

There's no fun to be had with it locked in the desk.

I just did a quick look at my desk:

Cell Phone
Dell X30 Pocket PPC
Yaesu VX-5 Handheld Transceiver
Panasonic RF-2200 Shortwave Reveiver
Sony Minidisc Player/Recorder

The above are all my personal items (not the company's) and they stay out on the desk all the time. Looking around the office at other people's desktops, I find similar relatively expensive and sometimes rare items laying out. So far, none have decided to take a walk.

The price for a HP-42S or HP-15C on e-bay is probally in the same range that many of us pay for our cell phones, PDA's, ham radio toys, etc. And many of these items we change on a fairly regular basis. I typically get a new cell phone every other year, a new PDA every year or so, etc.

Just curious as to why we treasure a HP calculator to the point that we lock it up instead of having the fun of using it on a daily basis. Granted, it may get stolen, lost, broke, damaged,.... but we would have the daily fun of it. AND while it may not be cheap to replace it, it is replaceable at realtively resonable prices when compared to the price we routinely pay for our many other toys.

Paul - Again, Congraulations - and YES place it proudly out on your desk and enjoy it!! Dont't hide it!


My desk at work is too cluttered for me to put the 97 on it which I think is best for me at work. I don't bring any of my calcs to work but I found myself using the the Emu48 and 41 emulator often.

Hi, Pavel; good reading posts from you again (why took you so long to get back?)

This is quite a tech "piece of art". My deepest respect to those who particiated on its design and my admiration to those who understand the HP15C's tools and its usefulness. Using it is a matter of knowing what is it for.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 28 Oct 2004, 3:52 p.m.

The answer is simple.
A lot of work. The situation in my country is not good, because we have the socialist government for more than 6 years and now, it is a hard time for mid-sized private companies.
So, I am spending 95% of time working (I have several employees and they suppose that they will have the salary next month), 4.99% of time I am spending with my wife and daughter. The rest is 0.01% for my hobbies. :-)

"... The rest is 0.01% for my hobbies. :-)"

Bad boy! Baaaad boy! ;)

Congrats! :)