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Full Version: Is this guy honest ?
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6 months ago I sent to Daniel Digglemann (in Switzerland) an HP-41C and 2 card reader for repair, as he did put an ad saying he could do such a job. After a few months telling me that he would soon do the job but was very busy, I asked him to send the items back because I wanted to find another way to repair them. It's been now 4 months and many e-mails later but I still havent received my items back. He always find excuses not to ship them back.

Does anyone know this guy ? is he honest or is he just playing with me and I will never find my items back ?

I did some deals with Daniel during the last three years and I shall say that everything was OK, every time.

He has always been very cooperative and helpful, sometimes the parcels took a long time to be delivered... but those were Mail Service faults.

Just my 2¢... well, a little more, actually ;-)


Hi Pascal

Daniel is a very good friend of mine, we met sometimes and dealt about 8 times. I´m shure, there is a reason, why se didn´t send your items back. Last time we had a telefon call (we do this about once a month) he told me, that his job takes very much time and he does not has time for his collection. I also send him some items for repair and he did a great job although it took a long time.
By the way, as you he lives in Switzerland. Maybe a short trip to him and a nice talk would change your opinion ...



Hi Pascal, I'm very sorry to have made you wait for so long. Yes I was ultra busy the last few months. The items have been shipped today. Best Regards Daniel

This is not directly related to Pascal and Daniel, but a more general observation regarding availability.

I don't know about the rest of you but for me, this is a hobby, and as such is by necessity a low priority item.

While I like playing around with old calculators and computers (e.g. the HP Series 80, and the BBC microcomputer), I still have to earn a living.

I try to help people and have fixed components from time to time, but I cannot promise that something will be turned around in say a week, two weeks, a month or even a year (although the latter hasn't occurred yet ;-).

Everybody is eager to play with their newest toy, and I understand that, but everything has to be kept within the general context of a hobbyist activity (i.e. not a professional repair service).

I find that the people in this forum are very helpful and often offer their services gratis.

So rather than jumping the gun and start sending messages asking about the trustworthiness of any one of us, it may be more advantageous to just go the archives and spend some time reading what these people have been doing over the past couple of years.

Finally, do be aware that even professional repair services (SONY and SONY Ericsson are examples of this), often take for ever to fix things and they usually charge hundreds of dollars for their services.

Best Regards (and peace unto all :-)


Well said Vassilis!

I find this kind of messages irritating: if you send your precious relics to somebody you don't know in person I hope that - at least - you trust his/her internet personality you formed in your mind during the years...

And I too bet that most of us still have to earn a living.


Yes, you are very much right, Vassilis.

BTW, my first contact with computing was with a BBC, too. We purchased it together with my brother a model B. Had a lot of fun with it. I wrote some programs to derive functions, print a graph of them (this was most impressive), calculate limits and so on. There were a lot of applications for this machine. My preferred was "GB", a macro economics simulation of a country where you needed to adjust tax rates, social security contribution and so on, ... the aim was having your GNP increased otherwise you would not be reelected... Does this ring you a bell ?

I'm sorry if my post was interpreted as if I was complaining that Mr. Diggelmann was slow to do the repairs. This is absolutely not the case. I know that people like him are doing this as a hobby, otherwise he would have asked me much more to do the job in order to cover the real cost of the repair. As he said that he was very busy (once again I don't blame him for that), I asked him to send the items back, so that I could find another way to fix them. The problem was just that after 4 months he had still not shipped them back and I was beginning to worry.

I'm glad that he is finally sending back the items and thanks to everyone for your comments on this post.

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