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Full Version: Graphic time line
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In idle moments after work I made up the following graphic time line. It has hleped me alot in understanding what HP were doing when.

If the word wrap destroys the chart I can send the text file to the museum if anyone is that bothered. I have marked the original end of each line with a 'q'.

Feedback welcomed.

Key: HPxx RPN calc

Hpxx Mixed

hpxx Non RPN :-(

\76/ Year (with 4 quarters)

Note: This may not be accurate, I obtained the dates from the museum pages for each calc. Someone could improve it I'm sure. Dave: Any space in the museum for such a chart?

Graphic HP28C<-----HP28S----> <Hp49G>>q

High/prog <---HP65---> <---------HP41C--------> <-----------HP42S---------->q

Med/prog <-HP55-><-HP29C><-----HP34C----> <---HP32S--><--------------HP32Sii-------------->>>>q
<-HP25C> <-----HP33C---->q

Med <---HP45---><-HP27-><-------HP32E------> <---HP27S-->q

Low <---HP35---><---HP21---><-HP31E> <-HP10C>q

Printing <---HP46---><---HP91--->q
Graphic <-HP18C><-HP19B><-------Hp19Bii------->>>>q

High/Prog <---HP38E-->q

Med <------HP80--------><-------HP37E------> <-hp17B><-------HP17Bii------->>>>q
<---HP22---> <------------------------HP12C----------------------------->>>>q

Low <HP70> <----------hp10b---------->>>>q

Printing <-HP81->????????????q

Watch <---HP01--->q


The 'remove unwanted spaces' function has totaly screwed up my chart. Dave - delete if you want. I could add '_' characters to stop it. Anyone interested in this file?

Tom (UK)

Hey, I Like it,
but the presentation could be better ;-)
This is of value if it could be shown better.


If you read the 'advanced formatting techniques' blurb here, you'll find that you'll be able to send preformatted text by enclosing it between a [pre: and a ]. For instance:

[pre:This is a line...
and another, indented with 8 spaces.]

(To include square brackets so that they actually appear, precede them with a backslash, like this: \[.)