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Full Version: Odd 12C Variation
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I have read on the HP Museum site that 11C, 15C and 16C used 12C keys that were repainted. Presumably because they have so many parts for the 12C. But I have a different variation.

I have a 12C that has the entire 15C key layout that has been painted to be a 12C. All of the 15C keys that are different from the 12C can be seen under the 12C layout. They are in their 15C positions..

I don't see that variation mentioned on the HP Museum site.
Just curious how unusual that combination is?

How common it is to have a 12C that has a repainted 15C keyboard? Don't see that variation on the HP Museum site.

I assume most are bought and sold without either party noticing this.

This is a subject that collectors are aware of. There is mention of it on the HP Museum site. But there is no mention of the full 15C keyset under a 12C.

There's all sorts of stuff including repainted 12Cs there.

I already did before posting this thread. There is mention of 12C keys being used on other models but there is no mention of 12C key legends being painted over a 15C keyboard.

That is why I posted the question.

Between what you're saying and what the collector's corner is saying. Sorry.

The collector corner says that 12c keys were painted over to make 11, 15 and 16 models.

But it does not say that other models being painted over to make the 12C.

It seems to me to mention both.

Late versions of the HP-11C, 15C and 16C were made with HP-12C keys that were repainted. Some HP-16Cs had HP-12C keys that were first repainted to be HP-15C keys and then repainted to be HP-16C keys. The picture below shows an HP-16C "F" key over an HP-12C "CHS" key. NOTE: Some HP-12Cs also had keys that were repainted.

That last sentence should end the matter. 12C's are mentioned as having repainted keys. I have several. They are not hard to find.