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Full Version: Anyone has remote control software for the 49G+?
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Thinking about buying one of these and it hit me that if I really hate it may be I can use it as a programmable remote control for TV etc...? I have a remote package that run on the 48GX very well.
For $139 it is relatively cheap for a remote control.

no software able, and Irda mode is not the same as used in the 48G series.


If such software existed it wouldn't do you any good; the range of the IR transmitter on the 49G+ has been crippled so that you'd have to hold it very close to the TV for it to work.

I don't know about the 49+ but the 48GX has very short range IR too when they're communication with each other but when using as remote control it works at distance better than 10ft.

Yes, the receiver of the 48 series is limited to short-range use only, but the transmiter has a much greater range, so it makes a good remote control. But the range of the transmitter of the 49G+ has also been reduced. Here's a link to an article from Jean-Yves Avenard in which he says, among other things:

Also, the IR LED is seriously crippled to no more than 5cm, so unlike
the HP48 where only the receive LED was crippled having a remote with
such a short range woulb be useless IMO anyway.

Can someone tell me how to find the software for a 48 remote?

Just a wild guess, but you might try: http://www.hpcalc.org/search.php?query=remote&hp48=1


I'm surprised that JYA wrote that, and that I apparently didn't
notice at the time. I expect that he meant "SIR" instead of

The 49g+ does have the capability to send in "RedEye" mode to the
82240A and 82240B printers, but, experimentally, the range is
about 5 cm, compared to 1-2 m from a 48 series.

As far as I've been able to determine, the "Serial IR" used on the
48 series isn't available on the 49g+.

The 49g+'s "IrDA" is seriously (and intentionally) crippled to 10
cm on the 49g+ to accomodate the "educational community". Cyrille
wrote that both the transmitter power and the receiver sensitivity
are low. Experimentally, 10 cm does indeed seem to be about the
maximum range that I can get between my 49g+ and IrDA/RS-232

It might be possible, using ARM programming, to
directly control the IR transmitter and detect light pulses at the
receiver in a "raw" state, but I expect that the extremely short
range would make it rather impractical to use it as a remote

Of course, it might be possible to modify the hardware to increase
the range to the 1 m that's normal for an IrDA device.

Another idea is to build an "IR amplifier" that would be slipped
onto the 49g+.


I used this software on my 48GX and it works great. It does not work as well on the 48SX though.


"Another idea is to build an "IR amplifier" that would be slipped onto the 49g+."

Or to unsolder the transmitter resistor used to reduce current (I think there is one). I was actually looking at some photos of the inside of the hp and saw a bunch of SMT resistors and condensators around the IR and usb plug.

Have a nice time everybody!

Actually, short out whatever limits the power, presumably a resistor. Or, more likely, replace it whith a lower resistance. But which one? And of course it would void any remaining warranty.

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