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Full Version: Help repairing HP67 (gummy card reader) in Sydney Australia
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I have an HP-67 that has the "gummy" card reader problem.
Being a computer programmer by trade, I am very dangerous with a soldering iron!
(just using that as an example)
I was wondering if any of you knew of anyone down under who could repair this fine old machine, or help me repair it?

Greg Harris
Sydney Australia

You can probably ask John Robinson.
Email :


He might be able to help.

The best solution I've found is to disassemble the card reader, remove the drive wheel (with attached gear) and scrape off all the gunk that used to be the rubber drive roller. Then use an xacto knife to slice off a replacement roller from a length of rubber tubing used for model airplane fuel line. This new roller then press fits onto the now clean axle. Reassemble, and voila!. I've done this successfuly on 4 HP67s, 2 HP65s, and 3 HP97s.