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Full Version: back of my hp 12c is bent
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Anyone have any experience removing/replacing the back metal plate on an HP 12c? The plate is bent outward and I'd like to take it off, straighten it and place it back on.



Try with a hairdryer and a sharp knife... but it will be difficult to get as nice as the original... in other words, do this if you really have to remove it.

I went through this with a 15c. It was not easy.

I ended up with permanent wrinkles in the aluminum.

However, if I had been more patient with the solvent soaking approach, it would have come out perfect.

See Randy Sloyer's post in response to mine-----it was a yeer or more back---I'll look for it later in the archives.

Thibault----how did the hair-dryer trick work out for you?



Never repaired a voyager's back plate, but well on a 67, and was very patient. It worked quite well with very little wrinkles, but still one cane notice that it had been unglued and re-glued.