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Full Version: Exchange 17BII+
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Just spoke with a very helpful young lady at 1(800)HPINVENT. She said that HP is still in the process of establishing return policies for the old 17BII+'s without L() and G(). She suggested that I call back in about a month to ensure that my replacement will be the updated ROM. She also asked where I purchased my calculator for internal purposes, but that even without a receipt there should be no problem since the calculator has not even be out for a year.

Give HP credit for addressing this problem!

Now if they'd only release the 19BII+ ...

Bob, is that the only change, or did they also include any other enhancements in this ROM release?


The worst thing about not having let and get functions on the old 17BII+ is that there is also a program size limitation. Because of that, many of the more accurate versions of Black-Scholes cannot be implemented on the old 17BII+.

There are also quirks as in (x + y)/z returning an error, and having to be written as x/z + y/z. To tell the truth, I got fed up with wrestling with that beast and put it away.

Once I get a replacement unit, I'll start playing with it again.


for those who intend (I am one of them, as a teacher) to buy an HP17BII+, would you, guys, who get the newer models allow us to check for the serial #? That would avoid people buying older (?) units...


Luiz (Brazil)